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By GEOFF CUMMINGCompleting the “missing links” in Auckland’s motorway network would do more to end traffic snarls than public transport, says a pressure group of business leaders and commercial road users.The Auckland Business Forum is driven by frustration over snail’s pace progress on the motorway network envisaged in the mid 1960s.Calls to build more roads are unfashionable, as the Government veers towards buses and trains to ease the city’s $1 billion a year congestion.But the forum argues that cost benefit analyses place the roading projects well ahead of public transport options in terms of immediate impact on traffic.The high powered pressure group was formed last year after the Auckland City Council shelved planning for the long contemplated eastern highway, between the waterfront out through the eastern suburbs to Mt Wellington.Forum spokesman Tony Garnier says the route offers an alternative to the Southern Motorway and would take heavy goods vehicles off residential streets.The forum includes the Chamber of Commerce, the Northern Employers and Manufacturers Association, Ports of Auckland Ltd, the Automobile Association, National Road Carriers and the Northern Road Transport Association.”Our membership accounts for 280,000 jobs around Auckland and represents a third of the nation’s economy,” says Mr Garnier.”All our members are complaining about lost time and productivity costs because of traffic problems.”In most modern cities, 90 per cent of trips are by cars and commercial vehicles and 10 per cent by public transport. Auckland’s road network is deficient for a city of its geographic size and spread.”The worst bottleneck is the Southern Motorway, where “1.2 million commuters share one corridor.”The upshot is potential gridlock from any accident.Forum chairman Barrie Lunny says the group supports public transport initiatives which reduce congestion and allow freight to flow more freely.”We’re not against public transport. But we don’t believe its impact will be sufficient to overcome the problems of a roading network that has been neglected for 30 years.”Evidence around the world is that public transport is not going to take enough cars off the road to allow freight to move freely.”The forum has identified nine “missing links” that it wants completed by 2010, at an estimated cost of $1.6 billion.The programme looks appealing on a map a ring motorway network providing alternative routes for through traffic and reducing loads on the Southern Motorway and suburban roads.”It’s not a matter of more tarseal,” says Mr Lunny.<a href=”https://www.cheapoakleysunglassesstore.com/” target=”_blank”>https://www.cheapoakleysunglassesstore.com</a>

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