Who I am

Some information about me and my love for photography

My name is Salvatore Bongiorno, I am a professional photographer and I mainly deal with reportage style wedding photography services.

I define myself as a storyteller and as such I prefer the style of reportage during wedding days. Every moment, every hug, every tear, every emotion will be told as in a film in which you are the main actors.

My passion for photography

Since young age, photography has had a very special power over me.

During winter evenings, I loved to look through family photos that my mother kept so preciously in an old shoebox, gathering all my family.
Each and every one of those pictures had a great power: bringing our family together and helping us keep a strong connection to our history.

y passion for photography turned into a real profession thanks to an encounter with a very special person, with whom I ended up collaborating for several years. He was a professional photographer, book printer, art curator, book editor – a true innovator. An outstanding visionaire.
I am deeply grateful to him. He introduced me to the best photographers and the world of photography.

My professional journey

I was a freelance photographer for about 10 years, ranging from sports pictures on ski slopes to boxing matches and cruise ships. I started with traditional photography (when there was still film) and ended with digital tools.

Despite such a wide range of experiences, I think street photography is what mostly shaped my style. Shooting the streets of my town, the religious celebrations, or small family events, has always moved me. Shooting subjects in real and spontaneous circumstances, in public places, in a direct and instinct-driven fashion, almost naturally led me almost naturally to deal with wedding reportages.

Early in my career I joined very important associations that hold very high-quality standards, nationally and internationally, like the ANFM (Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio). The ANFM, on top of providing training, regularly launches contests with prizes, every once and then I participated and got good results.
I also participate every year to specialised courses and workshops, without neglecting my passion for photography exhibitions and the reading of professional magazines.

Moreover, in the last few years, I have held personal photographic exhibitions and participated in collective exhibitions in Sicily, Sardinia, Milan and Rome with my own works, many of which were created even before becoming a professional photographer.
However, the constant in my photography, along my intense career, has always been the same: the wedding reportage.


The wedding reportage

Reportage means capturing every moment, every hug, every tear, every emotion in a natural way. I think the best way to do so is telling your special day as it was a film in which you are the main actors.
Everything is about telling the reality without filters, a bit like journalists do.
All without altering the state of things, capturing the moods, the relationships between the subjects and, above all, the emotions.
In this way the couples will not have to give up living their wedding in total freedom and, at the end, they will have the photographs that testify to everything that happened during the wedding.
I deeply love my job and I try to positively involve the couples so that they can experience their wedding totally free.This way they will be able to fully enjoy the happiness and emotions of that day, leaving the task of immortalizing them to me.

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